Monday, June 13, 2011

Week in review

I started the week with a stupid injury and ended it with an overuse injury. So, I've learned that I probably need to increase my mileage at a slower rate.

This week I did the pushup challenge twice, totaling 1220 push ups. (The challenge: Pick an easy number of pushups to do, like 10. Do that number at the top of every minute for an hour.) I worked out my core 4 days this week, and lifted weights twice. I played tennis for a few hours total, swam, did a 20 mile bike ride and ran 19 miles. I normally would've run more, but missed a few days because of a sprained left foot. It's getting better and is okay to run on now.

In the mean time, the 19 miles I did run were very hilly. I injured my big toe on my right foot about a month ago (slammed it into a tree stump on a trail run and took a nice spill). It's definitely effected my running form and I think hastened a soleus injury on the same leg. So, this week, I'm going to do two runs, 3 miles or less and all on flat ground, all easy exertion. That is, until Saturday morning, when I will run a timed 2 miles at the track. I'm excited to see what improvements have been made over the past 3 weeks.

Also, while I would not declare myself as having broken through a lengthy plateau just yet, there are significant signs that I have. I started the week at about 213 and this morning was 211, though I've been down to 208 during the middle of the week.

This coming week I am going to ride 70 to 90 miles on the bike and swim at least one day. Today I went on a 33 mile ride and had a good time. I saw 4 deer and a javelina and a dead hawk and a dead owl! Weird. I averaged 16 mph, but man, I've lost a lot of the juice I had on the bike since April. Still, all is good.

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